Great training day with Q Interactive

Yesterday, I was invited to attend a training day hosted by Alison Winter and Carolyn Hughes from Pearson.  We were introduced to the Q Interactive system for digital psychometrics and given a preview of the WISC V – which looks great by the way!  After spending the last 3 years carrying heavy psychometric kit around, the idea of a digital version was very appealing to me.  I wasn’t disappointed by what we were shown.

The Q Interactive set-up is fantastic.  It’s more cost effective, easier to transport, easier to administer/score and there are a number of useful features e.g. the voice recording system.  I felt much more connected to the person I was testing without having the barrier of answer books and response sheets.  It’s incredibly user friendly from both the client and clinician perspective.

It was a lovely informal and friendly atmosphere, where we were given excellent information about the product and able to ask lots of questions.  Alison and Carolyn spent some time setting up our ipads up and now we have a 30 day free trial, so there is plenty of time to practice and get used to the new style of delivery.  I am not a techy person, but within 30 minutes I was able to find my way around the programme.

I would encourage anyone that uses psychometrics to google Q Interactive, check out the products available and get in touch with Alison Winter to book onto a free information day.  The venue and the lunch were also excellent.

Happy Psychometrics!



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