School goals!!

IMG_0190No one achieves anything unless they truly believe they can…..Great Oaks Psychology enjoys working in partnership with schools and parents to ensure that children and young people are reaching their full potential.

More advice/resources for parents, carers, teachers, professionals etc re: talking about traumatic events.

Lots of enquiries and questions this week about how to talk, answer questions and support children and young people after what happened in Manchester.  Here’s some more good stuff that I have come across.  Hope it is helpful

Newsround advice – If children are upset by the news

Supporting Child and Young after major trauma

Traumatic events: How children and young people can react and how adults can respond




Little armoured one…..

Armadillo means ‘little armoured one’ and refers to the tough outer shell that protects the Armadillo from larger and stronger animals. Without this shell, the Armadillo is a very vulnerable, helpless and small animal. Over the years, this brilliant little creature has managed to find a way of surviving within a frightening environment full of danger.
This week I’ve found myself thinking about this tough little animal. I can’t help but draw comparisons between the Armadillo and so many of the looked after children that I’ve worked with. Just like the Amadillo, they also needed to develop a tough outer shell that protected them from an unpredictable and frightening world.
So here’s to all the brilliant and brave little Armadillos out there who, against all the odds have found a way to survive. I hope one day you can feel safe enough to step outside of that shell.

Look after yourself


Post inspired by the many dedicated parents and carers that I have worked with over the years. It sounds simple, but in reality finding time for yourself can be so difficult.

Try to introduce some regular time for yourself.  Protect that time. Enjoy that time.

Think necessity rather than indulgence….

Think about self preservation rather than selfishness….

Care for yourself with the same passion that you care for others….

Go for it!


Mental Health in the media


Theresa May talks about Mental Health.

Hats off to Theresa May for talking about Mental Health.  But are we having the right conversations? My experience is that on top of all of their other responsibilities, teachers are already doing a good job of identifying kids that are struggling.  Unfortunatley there’s limited specialist services available to support children, schools and families. None of the suggestions will change this. Money talks and the chronic underfunding of children’s mental health services reflects our governments priorities. Maybe it’s time for some new conversations….