Core values

The Great Oaks Psychology core values

Approachable: Great Oaks Psychology believe that families, young people and professionals are always doing the best they can, with the resources that they have. We recognise the courage in the struggle and the strength when asking for help. You can always expect a collaborative, non-judgmental and caring approach from our service.

Positive: Over time psychology services have unfortunately become more focused on what is wrong, rather than what is right. At Great Oaks Psychology we believe that there are always strengths and positives in every situation. It is these strengths that provide the foundation for change and growth.

Responsive: As an independent service, we are able to provide a more responsive and preventative style of service delivery, whereby young people, families and professionals are appropriately supported at the time of need, before the difficulties worsen. We do not have long waiting lists and we respond to referrals within 48 hours.

Empowering: So often the smaller and quieter voices can go unheard. Great Oaks Psychology believes that an effective intervention must consider the needs of everyone involved. We think it is important that everyone has a voice and is heard.