Great Oaks Psychology is dedicated to improving access to specialist psychology services for children, young people and families.

We work with children, young people and families experiencing a wide range of psychological, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.  Here are some examples of the types of concerns we have worked with;

Challenging behaviour

Difficulties with learning

Managing emotions

Relational difficulties


Bereavement and loss

Eating difficulties

Attachment difficulties

Difficulties related to conditions such as ADHD and Autism

Psychological difficulties associated with physical health problems


Give us a call

So we can talk about your concerns and whether Great Oaks can provide the intervention that you are looking for.

Meet for an assessment

All therapeutic work begins with an assessment of the concerns, the context in which they are occurring and other wider circumstances.  During the initial sessions, a Great Oaks Psychologist will spend time gathering this information from you.

During these assessment sessions, we will gain a good understanding of the changes you hope to make.  We will then discuss whether a therapeutic intervention would be helpful, what type of intervention would be most suitable and how long it may last.

Regular sessions

If possible we will meet weekly for 1 hour.  The sessions are child-friendy, inclusive, collaborative and informative.  We have access to a variety of quiet, comfortable and private rooms.

Clinic venue

Great Oaks aims to help the family become confident at understanding and managing the challenges they face.

There are many advantages to seeing a psychologist privately rather than within the NHS.  At Great Oaks Psychology we don’t have waiting lists and we are able to provide support at the time of need.  We work in a very flexible way to better meet the needs of the young person and family.  We do not have a limit for the amount of sessions we can provide.  You will also have the direct contact details of the psychologist you are working with. If you think Great Oaks could help please contact us