Sophie is likeable, hard-working and very committed to the children and families she works with.  Throughout her clinical work Sophie has shown a good ability to establish and maintain therapeutic relationships with families, children and young people. She is very well-suited to working in teams of other professionals and has a clear and engaging style of communication. She has demonstrated consultancy skills to a high standard. In challenging clinical situations with high emotional content, I believe Sophie to be calm and containing. She is able to conduct a wide range of assessments with different client groups, including child neuropsychological assessments. Sophie has worked with an extensive range of complex and varied client groups; including both organic, and social/psychological causes of distress. I would happily work with Sophie again and have every confidence in her ability.  I recommend her services to schools, where I think they could make a very valuable contribution to children, young people, families and other professionals.

Dr Fiona Thorne

BSc PhD DClinPsychol

Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Tutor


Throughout our time working together I found Sophie to be committed and approachable, open to other people’s ideas and very child-centred in her approach.  She is able to organise her time and work load well, and she proved herself to be very professional in her approach. Sophie demonstrated excellent skills in building relationships with young people and their families. She was well liked within the multidisciplinary team, and also made strong links with other professionals who were also working with particular children. She conducted a number of complex assessments during this time, both as part of a wider team and on her own. She is able to take large quantities of information and make sense of it in ways that are meaningful for young people and their carers, developing high quality formulations to explain presenting difficulties. She is also skilled at delivering a range of therapeutic interventions, including individual therapy, parenting and systemic interventions.

Sophie has excellent written communication skills. She is experienced at writing different types of clinical notes, letters and reports: in particular ASD Assessment Reports, Cognitive Assessment Reports and Behaviour Management Plans. Sophie is able to communicate her ideas to other professionals in a way that is accessible and respectful. She appreciates what makes the role of a Clinical Psychologist different from other disciplines, and is able to support other colleagues in developing psychological ideas and approaches in their own work. Sophie is a reflective and enthusiastic clinician who is keen to continue developing her own skills through supervision and continuing professional development.

Overall I feel confident in recommending Dr Sophie Hopper, and would be keen to work with her again in the future. She is highly committed to working with children and young people, and would be an asset to any school.


BSc DClinPsychol

Principal Clinical Psychologist CAMHS